Mark Burgess Photography | About

I have been pursuing photography for more than 15 years and as my galleries illustrate I am primarily interested in nature photography.  I enjoy being active and I admire the great beauty of the natural world and so the pursuit of nature photography is harmonious with my other interests.  


I've tried to present some of the best images that I have captured over the years but as my skill has, hopefully, increased over the years some images may be more competent than others.  I also use this site to document my experiences for myself, family and friends so all images might not be of interest to everyone.  But I'd like to share what I have and hope you find some enjoyment in viewing my images.


I pursue photography as a hobby and not as an occupation.  I've enabled the Zenfolio ability for persons to purchase my images but that is more of a courtesy to anyone that sees an image that they would like.  I'm not promoting the sale of my images.